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Screencasting with Jing!

Jing Screenshot

For those of you unfamiliar with Jing, let me introduce you.

We here at STS spend a lot of time teaching people how to use software. You know: the where to click, how to find features, what the hidden secrets of a program are, etc. Along with the face-to-face classes that we offer, we also have chat and emails services that allows UW Madison students to ask software related questions (it proves quite useful when students get stuck while working on a project). However, we have found that sometimes the answers to the students’ questions are to complicated to attempt to write out in an email or a chat.

Enter Jing.

Jing is a FREE screencasting software with Mac AND Windows versions that allows us here at STS to simplify our question answering service. We simply SHOW the student the answer to their questions by recording what we are doing on our computer screens, then send the video over. Bada-Bing-Bada-Jing. Questions answered. Jing also captures voice while recording the screen so us STSers can explain what we are doing while the screencapturing is happening. All your burning software questions solved.

To download Jing and start sharing all of your computer knowledge, click here.


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Juice Up Your Presentations with VUVOX


We here at STS teach a lot of PowerPoint, in timetable courses for faculty members and in our evening classroom courses, however, we have also recently started teaching VUVOX. VUVOX is an online presentation tool that allows users to incorporate text, video, sound and time lines into their presentations.  A little more snazzy than what we are used to seeing in PPT presentations, eh?

Check out a VUVOX project made by a UW student here.

Interested in setting up VUVOX training for your classroom? See this page!

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Finding Seamless Background Patterns for Web Designs

ColourLovers.com Screenshot

For those Web Designers, or aspiring Web Designers, who have not yet explored the amazing colourlovers.com, please, do so now.

This site is a social community that allows users to create color palettes and seamless patterns (yes!), share them, then get feedback on how amazing (or not amazing) your design is.

What I find the site is best used for: exploring patterns and color combos that are highly rated, then putting them together and using them in my own designs. There are over 1 million to choose from.

You don’t even have to have an account to use the art! Just opposite click on the image and save and pattern or palette you enjoy!

To explore patterns, click here.

To explore color palettes, click here.

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Create Your Own 3D Photos!


We recently Stumbled Upon (literally… http://www.stumbleupon.com/) a blog post from the geniuses at Threadless which teaches readers how to create 3D photos. The step-by-step tutorial takes you through turning a normal photo into a 3D photo that can be seen in the third dimension only with your three-dimensional glasses (of course). It rocks.

We know you all went to see Piranha 3D this summer, so you should have some glasses laying around from that show, right? Now you finally have another use for them!

See the tutorial and try it for yourself here.

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Launchlist: A Must Use Tool for Website Makers


For those of you who have been working on websites and are ready to upload it to the Interweb, you should check out Launchlist!

Launchlist is simple one page website that helps you keep track of all the editing you need to do prior to uploading a nasty typo or bad code onto the web. The list helps remind you of everything from spelling to SEO to browser compatibility.

Seriously, even if you don’t use it as intended, the list itself is simply a good reminder of everything you should be checking.

See Launchlist here: http://launchlist.net/

This website compliments the STS “Getting Your Website Online” class quite well… you can sign up for the STS class here: https://www.doit.wisc.edu/training/student/course.aspx?id=160

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Zeo ‘sleep coach’ tracks your ZZZs, wakes you up



It seems like the market for alarm clocks and smart wake-you-up gadgets is getting more competitive than cell phones, MP3 players, and autos. But here’s a new entry worth noting for those who already tried starting the day with the obnoxious Clocky, the Shocking Alarm Clock, the Philips Wake-Up Light, or even the Wake n’ Bacon.

It’s called Zeo, and it’s a “personal sleep coach” that can give you data on the quantity, quality, and depth of your slumber. The product is being released now by Newton, Mass.-based Zeo, formerly known as Axon Labs, a Rhode Island start-up.

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Unlock your inner nerd with the iDoormat!


Normally we don’t blog about silly products, but I thought this one was too good.

Now available at Meninos.com is the iPhone inspired “Unlock Doormat.” While the price is hefty (at $50), the mat is lighthearted and tech spirited.

I am thinking this would look good outside of the STS office; it’s simply a must-have.

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