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UW Under Construction


For those of you on campus who have missed it (not possible), UW is under construction. Yes, that’s right, what seems like every building, street and sidewalk has been under construction since the first day of summer break.

UW News put together a slide show with images from all the fun. Check it out here. I thought they were interesting photos as they have encapsulated my life for the last month.


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Union South: Live!


Who needs to step outside their office to see the demolition and construction of Union South when you can simply watch from the comfort of your office!

See: .

You too can now spend your day watching a bulldozer level what used to be a bowling alley.

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STS Warp Tour 2009


Today, being the last day of the school year, is the day STS rocks out. Above is a photo from our jam session.

I learned something today as I watched Student Trainers get 98% on Expert Level on the excellent game of Rock Band. STS Trainers are either really good at hand-eye coordination OR they play Rock Band whenever they have free time. I am thinking it is the first.

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2009 UW Commencement


It is that time once again!

We say goodbye and hello to a plethora of students.

For information on the Spring 2009 Commencement ceremonies, please see the following link:

Best wishes to all grads!

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STS Summer Courses Online Now!


We, at Software Training for Students, have now posted the Summer 2009 schedule for your viewing pleasure. Classes start JUNE 1st! Registration for each class opens 2 weeks before the class. Plan on being a technology GENIUS before next school year simply by taking STS classes.

See the summer schedule here:

New Course Catalogs will be distributed the week of May18; look for them all over campus, pick one up and use it well (hint: they look just like the picture in this post).

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Follow STS on Twitter!

Hey STS Lovers/ Haters/ Users!

STS now has a Twitter account (UWSTS)! Horrah Web 2.0.

STS plans on using this Twitter account to pass out messages on seats available in classes (for those last minute types of people) and other pertinent announcements.

Click here to see our Twitter profile or simply follow UWSTS in your profile.

Tweet you later!

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Congratulations STS Trainer Graduates!


STS graduates 10 Student Trainers this year! Most of them are moving on to the real world (and no, it’s nothing like MTV says it is), some of them will stick around to teach post-graduating and some of them are just leaving! After several years of hard work and homework, this week we say congrats to new Collegiate Degree holders:

Ryan Andorfer

Micah Karasov

Derek Palm

Muthukumar Ramanathan (RAM!)

David Rubins

Jen Singer

John Soat

Adam Tollefson

Jeff Vierstra and

Mike Williams

Congrats to you all. We wish you the best

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