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Learn CSS Dynamically!

Know a little bit of CSS but need a little practice space to test out your skills? Try out, by description, the website allows users to experiment with CSS, see the results live, and share your code with others.

This little online tool is a handy dandy way to understand a what-can-be-confusing code.

Don’t know CSS yet, but want to learn it? Sign up for an STS class here!


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Launchlist: A Must Use Tool for Website Makers


For those of you who have been working on websites and are ready to upload it to the Interweb, you should check out Launchlist!

Launchlist is simple one page website that helps you keep track of all the editing you need to do prior to uploading a nasty typo or bad code onto the web. The list helps remind you of everything from spelling to SEO to browser compatibility.

Seriously, even if you don’t use it as intended, the list itself is simply a good reminder of everything you should be checking.

See Launchlist here:

This website compliments the STS “Getting Your Website Online” class quite well… you can sign up for the STS class here:

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CSS Tips


The following link provides great tips for coding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS):

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