Prezi’s Presentation Software

I recently had the chance of attending a conference in Berkeley, CA that explored the social factors of environmental design.  The the speeches and lectures at the conference were very engaging, however, the presentation and visual support for most speakers was somewhat disappointing.  This brought to mind more recent discovery of a great presentation software that offers a more interactive format and, oftentimes, a much more visual pleasing result: Prezi.

This software is web-based for free or can be purchases as a desktop software option.  You can check out the software at their website at It can be used to more effectively present images, zoom in to selected views, and move around to other images located in the same frame.  The presenter can zoom in to show amazing detail or zoom out to show the bigger picture.

Even though I am a huge fan of Powerpoint, I think this software can be used to make more engaging and interesting presentations (if used well)! I will probably start using the software for certain types of presentations, but will  not completely throw out Powerpoint – it has its merits as well! However, I would urge you to give this  software a try for your next presentation and let us know how it goes…  Was it what you expected?  Were there issues with learning the software?  Did the audience get a case of motion sickness? Please leave a comment or two!


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