AutoCAD for Mac!

AutoDesk’s famous software AutoCAD is now available for the Mac operating system.  AutoCAD is a drafting tool used by thousands of architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, and many other design disciplines.  It is a very powerful tool for designers, but has been limited to PC platforms.  These restrictions have often forced many designers to just deal exclusively with PC machines and not even try Macs.  Now, that is all changing!  The availability of the software on the Mac will now give designers the ability to have more flexibility with software and computer choice.

AutoCAD for Mac uses the same principles and function of the PC version.  Many of the tools and commands are the same, but there are some changes to the user interface.  However, just watching a few tutorials and experimenting around for a few minutes was enough to get me familiar with the layout.  In no time at all, I was working with AutoCAD for Mac and exploring the new features.  Also, this program fully supports all .DWG files and is compatible with the PC version. This is a plus for those working in a collaborative environment where there could be some worry about file transfers and workflow.

One of the many pluses of the Mac version is that it is supported by all Mac platforms.  This means you can access, view and make some minor edits with your iPad, iPhone, and even your iPod!  You can now take AutoCAD ANYWHERE!  The graphics seem to run faster, and the interface is a bit more smooth and intuitive on the Mac version.  However, since this is only the first release of the software for Mac, not all functions, tools, and other compatible programs are available.  Software developers hope to add these functions over time to create the same professional suite of products found on the PC version.  Just watch some of the cool videos on the AutoDesk website and check out or download the software for yourself…

Right now, AutoDesk is offering free 30 day trials for AutoCad for Mac.  The software is also available to students for free.  So if you are looking for a reason to switch to Mac and try something new now is the time to do it!



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