Adobe Fireworks. Seriously. It Rocks.

For some time we at STS have been teaching a course called “Graphic Design for the Web,” which teaches course attendees to use Adobe Fireworks to create great user interfaces (see this link to sign up for a class).

What I find interesting about our class is that we don’t call it Fireworks. Our Photoshop classes are called Photoshop, our Illustrator classes are called Illustrator, so why not call the Fireworks class by it’s name too? The answer is simple. No one knows what Fireworks is or how powerful it can be.

From my own experience, I know that I use Fireworks to slay all my web designs in record time and with style, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

The good folks at Smashing Magazine recently published an article called “The Power of Fireworks: What Can You Achieve with It?” The article not only discusses what Fireworks is and how it can be used, but it also gives quite a few friendly tips on designing.

Check out the article here!



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2 responses to “Adobe Fireworks. Seriously. It Rocks.

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  2. Jiang

    I totally second that. I just recently started reading Adobe Fireworks CS3’s manual, and only then did I find out how powerful this application is. I used Photoshop and Illustrator professionally for years but never touched Fireworks, thinking it’s nothing but a Macromedia “legacy” that Adobe throws in the bundle. Fireworks deserves a lot more credit than people give it.

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