Revolutionary “Racetrack” Memory in the Works

IBM's new Racetrack Memory

IBM's new Racetrack Memory

Soon your computer and electronic gadgets could be smaller, faster, cheaper, more relliable and even greener thanks to a new form of computer memory technology called racetrack.

Racetrack memory is currently under development at IBM and will be a vast improvement over today’s leading computer memory technology – hard disk and flash – which each have serious limitations.

Racktrack is showing to be more reliable than hard disks, making consistent computer crashes, well, a distant memory.  And it’s cheaper than flash – perhaps 100 times less expensive.

You can read more about Racetrack Memory and how it will revolutionize computing by following this link:

Once racetrack becomes an industry standard, STS will be able to show you how to install it!  Until then, STS offers PC Hardware and Installation classes that teach students how to install computer components.  Sign up today at

Tom Davich


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