Roundup Of Random Neato Flash Thingys


Flash is ubiquitous on the web, and it’s easy to see why: Flash is super cool.  Here’s a quick roundup of some random Flashy things from various parts of the interwebs.

Desktop Tower Defense

It’s a Flash game!  Protect your desktop (as in a wood desk) from various “creeps” by positioning defensive towers that shoot at the invading enemies.  Best way to explain the game is by having you play it yourself.  But make sure you have time to kill, it’s crazy addicting.

Tokyo Plastic

This is the website for some sort of design company, I think.  Anyway, you should check out their website and try poking around.  Navigating their site will show you some of the most bizarre and mind-blowing flash out there.


One of many animations by Adam Phillips, who used to work as an animator at Disney.  If you think of Flash cartoons as stupid, overly-simplistic stick figures made by middle schoolers, you should watch this video.  Some of the animation is pretty amazing.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap

Star Wars!! Gangsta Rap!! That’s pretty much it.

Why Not Make Your Own!!???

Are you feeling inspired?  Want to make your own Flash thingys?  Hey, what do you know?  STS offers Flash classes.  Taking our classes is the first step towards Flash Mastery.  Also, check out the online training section.  Now that you have access to videos, you’ll never run out of Flash knowledge.


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