Get rich from old technology!


While surfing the Web today for great blog topics, I came across the Website , which allows you to sell all of your old technology and pays you well for it!

For instance, I have an old first generation iPhone. It still works, but it’s no new iPhone 3GS. I typed in information about it into Gazelle and low and behold, they offered me $125 for something sitting in my closet. I’ll take it!

I was a bit worried that you would never actually see the cash or the company would be hard to work with, so I did a bit of research. This was written on

Gazelle will send you a shipping label to print out. Then you’d pack your iPhone in a box, slap the shipping label onto it, drop the package at a UPS location and wait for payment. Oh, and it gets better — this week you get an extra 10 percent for your iPhone if you use the coupon code “iPhone.” Pretty sweet, huh?

I sold my first-generation MacBook Pro through the site, and I got a pretty good deal. I procrastinated on shipping it out, and Gazelle even sent me a notebook-friendly box to ship it in. After dropping off my MacBook Pro at UPS, I received the promised payment within a week. (If you lie about the product’s condition, of course they’ll dock some dollars off the provided estimate.)

All and all, my evaluation is that I think it’s worth a try!


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