Mac Virus In MOMA Permanent Collection


What’s the difference between a Mac virus and a Windows virus? One: You can’t get the Mac virus unless you pay for it, and two, the Mac virus is actually in the permanent collection of the MOMA in New York.

The virus, as you may have guessed, is not a real virus. Named the “Newton Virus”, it is in fact more of a trick to play on co-workers. Copy it onto a USB drive and hook it up to a Mac. The software runs and the screen appears to dissolve before your eyes, menubar and icons tumbling towards the ground in a topsy-turvy heap. Like most Mac software, Newton Virus is very intuitive. Tip the machine and the Mac’s accelerometer sends the debris towards the bottom, whichever side of the screen that happens to be.

The virus, first demonstrated (a proof of concept?) last year, is now available in two flavors: a $5 screensaver and a $7 “install to USB” version, or you can buy both for $10. There is no demo, so if you are, like a “friend” of mine, trying to find a version to test out for review, you might find yourself in the rather odd situation of  trawling the wet, filthy underbelly of the internet, actually searching for a virus to “infect your computer. This is, somehow, very wrong.


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