CrunchPad Nears Production, Looks Awesome



This is the latest visualization of the CrunchPad, and it’s hot. The touch-tablet is the attempt of internet hype-master Michael Arrington and his TechCrunch team to make a cheap Linux cloud-computer. The machine boots straight into a Webkit browser and is navigated much like you’d navigate the iPhone.

This latest iteration is apparently final, and Arrington says he’ll have a working prototype in a couple of weeks. The case thickness has been shaved down to just 18mm, and it is now made of aluminum for stiffness. I’ve been skeptical all along that Arrington could pull this off, and the previously in-house-only video now on YouTube shows that the software is still rather ugly and clunky looking. But it looks like they might do it, and if the price stays around the promised $200, this could be a genuine winner for customers and Arrington alike, and also proof that in these days of commodity OEM factories, anyone can design and build high-tech hardware, provided they have a good dose of arrogance.


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