Microsoft launches Bing…with a Bang.


To me, a search engine should be just that: a search engine. Microsoft Bing delivers a search engine with search abilities in web, images, shopping, etc. (much like google), but presents it with a little more flair.

Yes that’s right, flair. what I am most excited about is that there is finally a search engine with a nice homepage aesthetic. The homepage is laid out well, focusing on the search, but providing you with non-invasive bits of news and information on the bottom. 

What’s most obvious about the layout? Clearly, the large homepage photo set as the search background. The photo changes daily and is presented complete with tags/links that teach you all about the subject of the photo. If you get bored of the photo, you can even scroll through photos from different days and learn all about them too!

Bing combines basic search functionality with well thought out design. Brilliant.

Overall, I simply find it a pleasant experience. No major bells and whistles, just a nice site!

I think it’s worth a try at least! Check it out here


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