Vista Service Pack 2 Released Upon the World!


I know you were all on the edge of your seats waiting for SP2 to arrive. Today, my friends, you are in LUCK!

Yes, Microsoft has released SP2 for your upgraded computing pleasure. It is most easily downloaded at the Microsoft website: click here to manually download the update.

What’s in SP2 you ask? I’ll let Chripstopher Null tell you:

New drivers, application compatibility updates, and a whole bunch of bug fixes make up the bulk of the update. Nearly 700 repairs are listed in Microsoft’s list of SP2 hotfixes and security updates, the vast

 majority of which have not been repaired already via Windows Update. That said, none of these fixes should cause you immediate alarm (you’ve been living with them for years, anyway), as most represent very rare bugs that only a small percentage of users will ever encounter (example: “The optical disc drive is intermittently not displayed on a ThinkPad X300 computer that is running Windows Vista.”) Still, there’s no reason not to fix them. 

Enjoy good friends, enjoy.


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