Battle of the Video Game DJ Rigs: Introducing Numark’s Scratch Deck



If plastic guitars were 2007 and drums 2008, then the 2009 plastic-peripheral throwdown of choice is definitely the turntable. Whereas Activision showed off their goods in a Twitter leak a few weeks ago, Genius Products waited to spill the reveal of their Numark-designed rig, the Scratch Deck, until the days before E3. It’s the centerpiece peripheral for the upcoming Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. First impressions suggest it’s more compact than Activision’s plasti-turntable, while also bearing greater similarities to the old Konami Beatmania controller.

The Scratch Deck has a spinning, “touch-sensitive” turntable, as well as a crossfader and five Akai Pro MPC drumpads. It’s impressive that the equipment carries the label of a legit music industry standard. Price, however, has not been given, leading us to believe that brand-name design might carry a brand-name tag.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, a beat-sampling alternative to Activision’s upcoming DJ Hero, promises live remixing of tracks and custom sample uploading, both from 60 included battle records or a USB microphone. The Numark pad, as can be seen in the photos, can flip over for left- or right-handed operation. The PS3 version is pictured, but Scratch will be released for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall.

Who will win the DJ Battle? Most likely, it will come down to who has the best samples and tracks. As a consumer, we’d wait this out–at most, a household should only have one video game turntable.


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