Video games now more popular than the movies?

I am not sure if we buy this article, you can let us know what you think. It seems to me like playing a video game at home doesn’t compare to going to a movie at a theater. To me, it seems like the comparison should be between watching a movie at home vs. playing a video game at home. I just made this article much less interesting.


This is a trend that’s been indominatable in recent years, and now it seems there’s no stopping the gaming juggernaut.

Specifically: 63 percent of Americans say they’ve played video games in the last six months. Only 53 percent of Americans say they’ve gone to the movies in that time.

The research comes from the reliable NPD Group, which polled 11,000 U.S. residents about their entertainment preferences. The only thing more popular than games now? Listening to music, which a full 94 percent of Americans say they’ve done in the last half-a-year.

Just about everything related to gaming seems to be trending up. The average player now spends an average of $38 on games each month, and 31 percent of gamers bought a new console title (either home-based or portable) in the last year. Despite the lack of new consoles hitting the market and the economic slump, software purchases have trended up. A year ago that figure was just 24 percent of gamers who’d bought a new title in the prior 12 months.

The overall size of the gaming universe is also increasing — probably (my hunch) due to the rise of casual gaming owing to the popularity of the Nintendo Wii and rhythm-based, family-friendly titles like Rock Band, which are bringing more non-traditional gamers into the mix.

Web-based gaming is also becoming more popular than ever, with 31 percent of console players also playing games on a website. 12 percent played games on a social networking site like Facebook. 19 percent played a game that came with their phone, and 11 percent bought a new game for their phone (probably mostly iPhone fanatics).

The bottom line: Video gaming is holding up the entertainment industry in a major way. Per the study: “Video games account for one-third of the average monthly consumer spending in the U.S. for core entertainment content.” A third!


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