iPhone OS 3.0 = New Possibilities


Change is coming. No, I am not talking about new policies from our administration. Apple just announced their latest installment to the iPhone line- iPhone OS 3.0. This upgrade will provide new possibilities for developers and users alike. Some of the new features are to be expected (landscape SMS and Mail, Copy & Paste) but some will be downright delicious! Here’s a rundown of some of the new features and why you should be excited.

Some New Features:

In-App Purchasing: Allows businesses to sell additional content to the user after an app has been downloaded.

Why this is Important:  This will open the doors to pay-as-you-go applications. One new possibility is a free ebook reader that allows you to buy books as you read them (think amazon kindle). Also iPhone game developers will now be able to sell additional levels for eager gamers. Who knows- we might even see some gambling applications.

Peer to Peer Connectivity: Adds multiplayer capabilities to your iPhone application using Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology is more than fast enough to make games run smoothly and you will not be required to go through the pairing process when you connect two iPhones together. One downside with using Bluetooth technology is that players will have to be in close proximity with each other in order to connect. 

Why this is Important: Peer-to-Peer will allow you to play your favorite multiplayer games with your friends. Think of how cool Sonic will be with your best friend backing you up with Tails?! Or the insanity the would ensue with two Monkey Ball players bouncing around trying to get to the goal?!

Apple Push Notification Services: Oh I’m excited about this one. This will allow apps to notify you with new information, even when the app is not running. This is Apple’s response to background applications. Push notifications will preserve battery life and keep users up-to-date. Sounds like a win-win!

Why this is important: Every application out there could take advantage of this new technology. Instant message applications could notify you that there is a new message from a friend, News Applications could deliver the latest news story straight to your iPhone as it occurs, Trading applications could tell you when your stock hits a weekly high and offer to sell your position, Games could alert you that some new levels are available to download. The possibilities are endless- this is a big win for iPhone owners. 

 Accessories: Now welcoming all tricked out iPhone products! This feature will allow third-party hardware developers to create products to interact with the iPhone.

Why this is important:  This is what I’m envisioning- little devices that plug into your iPhone connect that will turn your iPhone into a TV remote. Heck, this could turn your iPhone into an expensive light switch! It could plug right into your treadmill and show you workout stats while playing your favorite song. This feature will put your iPhone at the center of your geeky world. 

This was just a sample of the new features available in the new update. Apple boasts that there will be over 1000 new APIs (application programming interfaces) developers will be able to take advantage of. The new update should be available in mid-June. Drooling yet?


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    How does Apple do it?

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