Downloaded Music Bites Jammie Thomas in the Ass, Continuously


Like many college students accross these great United States, Jammie Thomas, a Univesity of Minnesota- Duluth student, downloaded music illegally. She downloaded it thru a program called Kaaza in 2007 and kept it on her computer that was also distributing music back to the Kaaza network for other Kaaza users to download. Wrong move Jammie. Wrong move.

As many of you were warned when you started college, the Recording Industry of America (RIAA), likes to keep a close watch on college campuses in particular. They were keeping a close watch on the University of Minnesota- Duluth in 2007, which landed Jammie Thomas in a boat load of trouble.

That’s right folks, she got caught and was the first person in these here United States who got sent to trial (with a Judge and Jury) for having 24 specific songs on her computer (she had over 1,000, but they only prosecuted for the 24). She was found liable for 24 acts of infringement and ordered to pay $9,250 per song (or $222,000 total). OUCH!

The case, obviously, has gone into appeals and is still being hashed out to this date, costing Jammie lawyer fees, time and headaches (or should I say migranes). Yesterday, a judge met with Jammie Thomas’ lawyers to attempt to settle the case, but alas, no resolution was made (read more here).

The case will go on…

Moral of the story? Isn’t it a given?


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