Don’t Promote Your Booze Bash on Facebook




Rebellious teens around the world were mourning the death of common sense this weekend after the details of a “History Making House Party” were spread not through word of mouth, text messages, and secret codes in the high school halls but rather through an announcement openly published on Facebook.

According to a report at Nebraska’s, “The posting on Facebook said the party was to start at 9 p.m. Saturday and run until 5 a.m. Sunday. The invitation advertised a disc jockey, professional photographer, shuttle service from the Shadow Lake Towne Center, six kegs of beer and bottles of liquor.”

Additionally, the poster made the claim that attendees shouldn’t “worry about the cops because I have a police scanner so I will have the heads up if they come.” Up to 600 people were expected to attend the rager. Seriously: Wouldn’t you?

Tipped off by a member of the community who spotted the courageous announcement, the Sheriff’s Department showed up undercover just 30 minutes after the start of the event and shut it down, arresting 15 people for procuring and possessing alcohol as a minor, which included the 22- and 19-year-oldhosts of the party, whose parents were out of town.

The beer was reportedly also seized.

What more can be said about the incident? This is really just another example of how information on the Internet wants to be free, and once something is posted online it doesn’t remain private for long even if you take lengths to keep it quiet. If you really want to keep your next party a secret, try announcing it on Friendster instead.


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